Young children traumatized by medical care - experts present the facts

Young children traumatized by medical care - experts present the facts on DVD..

The First International Conference: Pediatric Psychological Trauma in Infants and Young Children from Illness, Injury and Medical Intervention is now available on DVD in its entirety.

The conference brought together ten of the most respected, multidisciplinary pediatric researchers and clinicians to present their individual assessments on the status of the care of young children who continue to be victims of psychological trauma from illness, injury and medical intervention. They identified barriers to change and shared a vision of pediatric care-giving to strive for.

The conference took place at the University of Southern California in February 2010 and consisted of ten individual talks and two panel discussions, all recorded by Child Development Media, that are rich with provocative, innovative, and exciting information about the work underway to expand and improve how we think about and treat our young children birth to five.

The distinguished speakers included: Doctors Helen Egger, Child Psychiatrist and Epidemiologist; Allan Schore, Psychologist; K.J.S. “Sunny” Anand, Pediatric Anesthesiologist & Neurobiologist; Mark L. Howe, Psychologist; Suzi Tortora, Dance Therapist; Zeev N. Kain, Anesthesiologist; Janet E. Rennick, Nurse Scientist; Neil Schechter, Pediatrician and Pain Relief Expert; Theodore J. Gaensbauer, Child Psychiatrist; and Stacy Drury, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Young children, in the years of most rapid brain development, are completely vulnerable and totally dependent on our knowledge, compassion, and informed care-giving to support optimal growth and development. The experiences children have in clinics, doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, hospitals, and with physicians, nurses, phlebotomists, and technicians can last a lifetime.

The DVD recordings of the conference can be used with staff, students, and with groups of parents. Join in the conversation and together, with the experts you meet on the DVDs, we will expand awareness of the needs of young children, minimize pain, and elevate the quality of care.

Child Development Media, Inc. (CDM) is currently the largest single source of commercially available videos, books, and curricula on child development and related topics, selected for virtually every category of professional working with children and for parent education. The DVD is now available for purchase on the company’s website,

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