YouTube’s AzAmerica channel hits the Top 100

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Azteca America’s AzAmerica channel has broken into the Top 100 most-watched YouTube channels.

The Azteca America Network and YouTube are now going to work together to move viewers from TV and’s portal.

The AzAmerica channel is the eighty-eighth most viewed channel in YouTube’s history. The Director’s Channel has over 1.3 million visitors a day.

The channel, /azamerica, has been online since Oct. 2008. They provide novelas, entertainment, short promo clips of sports and behind the scenes pieces.

The channel is an alternative to watching TV for Spanish=speaking audiences who live in the United States.

AzAmerica have a library of news from thirty-two Mexican states with over 200,000 hours of original programming. They provide a unique line up from distributors and producers internationally, and unique advertising solutions for partners who would like to advertise in the Spanish-speaking market.

AzAmerica can market their products to more audiences and direct them back to the network. It is an advertisers paradise and a win-win situation for YouTube and Azteca America.

The reason is the mix of high viewer count and good quality content. With the agreement now being made between the two companies, advertisers are allowed to advertise on Azteca America’s channel on YouTube.

They have over seventy markets nationwide, and are also on DirectTV channel 441 and Dish channel 825.

Authored by: Cheri Youmans

Cheri Youmans writes for us. We wish her well.