Multi GI 5 Reviews 2022: Ingredients, Side Effects & Testimonials


9.0 Quality 9.0 Reputation 9.0 Price Features Brand Information Medical Benefits Check Price About The Brand The gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of humans comprises a diverse microbial community[1] with up to 100 trillion microorganisms. The microbes are largely concentrated in the colon, which is amongst the densest microbial habitats on the planet. The microbes encode millions … Read more

5 Best CBD Oil For Fibromyalgia 2022: Treatment & Side Effects

Best CBD Oil For Fibromyalgia

Spruce CBD Pain relief Anxiety relief Better mood Check Price CBDPure Anxiety relief Chronic pain relief Improved mood Check Price Joy Organics Reduce stress Support muscles and joints Improve sleep pattern Check Price Widespread chronic pains, exhaustion, and depressive episodes without a physical reason for these symptoms are characteristics of fibromyalgia. It could affect 10% … Read more

Best CBD Oil For Dogs With Arthritis Pain 2022: Top 7 Brand Review


Honest Paws Oil 100% natural oil from the hemp plant Made from non-GMO hemp and soy-free Best for senior dogs Check Price Honest Paws Treat High potency 5mg CBD per treat Supercritical CO2 extraction Comes in three flavors Check Price Holistapet Pet CBD is extracted from organic hemp plant No preservatives GMO-free Check Price Osteoarthritis … Read more

You are not alone!

By Ed Coghlan. That‘s the message that a new series produced by a Colorado woman who is trying to inspire and educate folks who have had some form of medical trauma. The woman’s name is Mary Beth Eversole who is developing a series of short films that will tell the story of a single individual … Read more

Women with Migraines at Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality

The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) announced that women diagnosed with migraines have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and strokes.  A large study was published in The BMJ this week details the findings.  The following comes from The BMJ press release on the topic. Women diagnosed with migraines have a slightly increased risk of developing cardiovascular … Read more

Who are ‘You People’ Anyway?

By Terri Lewis Ph.D. Editor’s Note: When the National Pain Report helped promote Dr. Lewis’ survey of chronic pain patients submitted to the FDA in advance of Monday’s Public Meeting on Patient-Focused Drug Development for Chronic Pain, we asked her to provide a quick summary of who responded and what they said. A total of … Read more

What Would Pain Management Look Like if Opioid Tolerance Could Be Eliminated?

By Staff There’s a mechanism in the brain that researchers have identified that may well become a target for drugs to prevent tolerance to opioid pain medicine, like morphine, according to a study published in the Nature journal Neuropsychopharmacology. Scientists from Georgia State University and Emory University demonstrated for the first time that morphine tolerance is actually due … Read more